Annual report

2015 has been the year of the historic adoption of the new Sustainable Development Agenda: Transforming our World. Innovation and transformation are indeed today’s priorities for the United Nations.

In line with this spirit and to boost its potentials to act as a change agent for the entirety of the UN system, the College embarked upon a far-reaching process of transformation.

Two critical initiatives have been among the main drivers of our work in 2015: the creation of the Bonn-based Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development (KCSD) and the creation of the UN Lab for Organizational Change and Knowledge (UNLOCK). Their conceptualization and implementation represent the centrepiece of the achievements of this year, while the College continued in its effort to consolidate and further expand its regular portfolio.

Finally, the College continued to invest in new technology-enhanced learning and mobile learning products resulting in a growing number of participants receiving virtual training.
This investment has proven to be an effective means of reaching a larger portion of the UN staff at a lower cost, maintaining the College at the forefront of learning innovation.
The year 2015 was an exciting and challenging time for us, and I have the privilege to present you a glimpse of it through our annual report

Jafar Javan
UNSSC Director

Anual report 2015: Interactive version